Nikita Coulombe

Sometimes, I think a great sex life is the way to world peace. Regardless of how much truth is in that notion, the ability to communicate and attain one's intimate needs no doubt carries over into the rest of one's life.

Considering how many people there are on this planet and the fact that we are all here because someone had an orgasm, you'd think that a great sex life would be easy to achieve. But it's not easy! Or at least not easy all of the time. Every one of us will encounter some sort of struggle around sex and relationships at some point in our lives. The why and the how are what I want to explore here along with potential ways forward.

While the philosophical concept of Plato's Ladder, or Diotima's Ladder, is about our ability to evolve beyond lust and truly appreciate all forms of beauty, the goal of this site is to expand our understanding of love by holding space for all "rungs" of the ladder through candid discussions about sex and relationships. 

Curiosity has always been important to me. I believe it's the basis for happiness as well as the starting point for cultivating greater understanding and compassion between people. In turn, I think understanding and compassion are the basis for connection and connection is the basis for a great sex life.

Happy exploring!

- Nikita


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