Erotic Massage Online Video Tutorials - Learn How to Enhance Sensual Foreplay

Have you ever wanted to blow someone away with your touch? The New School of Erotic Touch offers online video classes that demonstrate how to give erotic massage and use your hands to bring your partner into a state of ecstasy. Not only will these tutorials familiarize you with your partner's anatomy and erotic zones, they will show you how to enhance foreplay to escalate pleasure and arousal throughout their entire body.

Despite the cheesy music and decor in the videos, the content can be very helpful, especially for vulva, penis, and anal massage and how to perform oral sex. A good friend of mine, who is a sex coach, recommends these techniques to some of her clients that have little sexual experience or struggle with intimacy. Even those who just want to try something new can benefit.

All in all, if you are looking to boost your confidence around touching, want to bring your partner more pleasure, or want to try giving a sensual massage, check out their site to see if any of the videos resonate!

– Nikita

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